Here are some of our past meeting notes and topics:


Easy, Sure-Fire way to Compress Video with Great Results and Small File Size

  • Cheat Sheets
  • FCP export to compression application (Flash Encode 4, Compressor, Episode)
  • Maintaining Slide Quality (PPT bumped to max rez TIFF)

Hands on Tutorials in Motion 3:  Titling and Graphics to Get You Noticed

  • Reflective Surface
  • Glowing Type on Text
  • Simulating 3D Text in Motion via Replication

How to Create Embedded Video Chapters in Flash Video

  • FinalCut
  • FlashVars
  • Javascript
  • Flash Encode

Make FCP Work for You:  Digging Deeper into Useful Tools

  • Audio Plugins (Limiters vs Manual Peak Manipulation)
  • Video (Color Correction Tools)
  • Production Workflow
  • Sending Files to Motion and back for Slick Title

Tapeless Options:  Vetted Pros and Cons of P2 Cards, SD Cards, and FireStore