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VMG is a Harvard-wide media group that brings speakers, vendors and other media professionals to talk to our group about Harvard and the latest equipment, workflows and techniques.  

Our meetings are usually held in the Science Center at 1 Oxford Street on the third floor in room 300H the last Tuesday of the month from 2-3:30pm (during the academic year).  On occassion, our meetings are on site locations that differ from our Science Center location.  Please check the calendar for event details. 

VMG Meeting Topics


Audio engineering: FCPX

Digital Accessibility: Harvard's WCAG 2.1 AA Standards and 3 Play Media

Privacy: Video Publising.

VR, AR and Vizualization Lab.

B-roll, How other media folks store and search.

The Future of Oculus and Media.


Harvard X Studio.

Bok Center Studio. Photos from our meeting.  If you'd like to participate in Technical Labs at the Learning Lab, see the schedule here.

New and Old Options for Camera Movements.

AR: Giza.

Editor workflow.

Cabot Studios Tour in Science Center Cabot Library. Library A/V Resources.

Tour of the new DCE Story Street Video Production Studio.

Tutorial in color Grading and color correcting flat footage using DaVinci Resolve, SpeedGrade or Magic Bullets Looks for use with Hauser 4K output and BlackMagic Cinema output.

Tour of the new DCE Story Street Video Production Studio.

Pre-production: Scripting Workshop for Interviews and Course Video Ads.  Meet with your "client", come prepared and get great results directing your talent/professor.

This Year's NAB overview.  See the latest camera, audio, and media technology.

Smartphone (iphone) production gadgets and apps for inexpensive and slick alternative production models.

HTML 5.0:  Video/Audio without Third Party Plugins - What a Great Idea! 

Education Animations Brought to The Next Level:  What Programs to Use?

Digital SLR Cameras for Video Shoots:  Man that Video Looks Good!

  • Hands on Demo of Camera to FCP
  • HDV vs DSLR output
  • Limitations of non-synced audio 

Where to Find Good Freelance Help:  VMG Referral Only List of CameraPersons, Audiofiles, Lighting Geniuses

iPhone/Droid Apps:  Useful Apps for Educational Media